Friday, 4 December 2009

Elca's Focus on Frankie and Zebedee

Today my focus is on Sophie Franck. She is the person behind the scenes of Frankies.

I love sophies stuff. I should really say designs. There have been several of Sophies pieces that I quite easily could have bagged for myself,. Unfortuately they have sold, but she keeps on producing more items of great interest.

This pendant for example. The colours are so dramatic. I could wear this with so many different outfits. Take a peek and see what you think!!!

Now for something a bit different.........

Take a lookat Zoes creative designs. Zoe uses water based inks on Japenese paper. I adore her use of strong, bold colours and the organic, natural references she uses in her work.

Hey listen tome...I sound like an art critic!!

My favourite print sold last week, but I thought this one was equally as good.

See what you think.

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